Terms and conditions set out the rights and obligations of the Seller and the Buyer. By ordering the goods, the buyer accepts the business and delivery terms declared by the seller. Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery are binding for both Parties unless otherwise agreed.

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The beverage portal www.miluron.sk is primarily intended for users over the age of 18, as the items listed on the portals contain alcohol. A visitor who has not reached the age of 18 is not allowed to shop and must leave the site.

Subject of order
The subject of the order can only be the goods listed on www.miluron.sk. The buyer executes the order by selecting the merchandise via the shopping cart, entering the billing address, delivery address (if not the billing address), delivery method, payment method, and sending the order. After sending the order, the buyer is immediately sent an e-mail confirming receipt of the order and a copy of the order.
The buyer is obliged in the order to fill in the mandatory data, which serve for the correct delivery of the ordered goods and issue a tax document. For natural persons, this is the name, surname, permanent address, delivery address (if not the address of permanent residence), email address and phone number where the buyer can be contacted to confirm and deliver the order.

Sent quantity
The minimum amount for a valid order is 1 bottle and its multiples. The value of the packing and the price of transport is borne by the buyer.

The term of dispatch of goods
If the goods are in stock and your order appears in the system before 5 pm, it will be shipped the next business day. We strive for an individual approach and the possible delivery date of the goods can be adjusted by mutual agreement.

Order cancellation
The order can be canceled free of charge until 8:00 a.m. the next day after ordering the goods, by e-mail. When canceling an order, it is necessary to provide basic information about it (order number, date and time of ordering the goods, name and surname of the buyer, etc.) in the subject "CANCELLATION ORDER".
In case of cancellation of the order after the stated date, the seller claims a cancellation fee of 10 € and payment of transport costs associated with the execution of the respective order.

Obligations of the Seller
Seller undertakes:
Deliver a given type and quantity of goods based on the buyer's order at the price valid at the time of order issuance and under agreed payment terms. Ordered goods adequately packed to send to the buyer to the address specified by him with a tax proof confirming  the sale, t. j. invoice.

The seller is not responsible:
For late delivery of goods caused by the courier company and for the damage caused by the courier company.

Buyer's obligations
Buyer's commitment:
In order or in the registration  provide only true information so that the delivered goods can be delivered correctly and on time.
Buyer is commited to  check the content of the delivery offer upon receipt of supply from the carrier.  If a defect is found (the contents of the Shipment is not complete, the goods damaged by the shipment, etc.), the Consignee of the Shipment may not take over  the shipment and claim this shipment directly to the Shipper (courier). The carrier (courier) write up the protocol on the detection of deficiency and the consignment will be delivered back to the sender. Please let us know the finding of shipping shortage and we will arrange next approach. Later complaints of deficiency (damage to goods in transit, missing goods in the package, etc.) detected during the absence of the carrier is not possible to take into account.
Pay the full purchase price for the goods, within the set maturity period. The ordered goods become the property of the buyer upon full payment of the price of the goods in terms of the issued invoice. If the ordered goods are not taken over, the Seller will claim against the Buyer a claim for compensation for the damage incurred, including lost profits.

Personal information
By submitting an order, Customer agrees to collect and use information about yourself and purchases made. The Seller undertakes not to provide any personal information about the consumer or any other information about consumer to a third party. Exceptions are the consumer's personal data required to deliver the goods, provided to the carrier.

Payment method
Cash on delivery, in exceptional cases before transfer to bank account.

Withdrawal from the contract
Pursuant to Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act on Consignment Sale (Act No. 108/2000 Coll.), If the buyer is a natural person and the purchased goods do not serve the profession or business, the buyer has the law to return the purchased goods 7 working days after receipt of the goods. If you choose to withdraw within this period, it is important to return the undamaged goods within the specified time limit, subject to the following conditions:
Withdrawal from the contract must be made in writing, must contain all the data used to identify the goods, the seller and the buyer and must be delivered to the seller's registered office at the buyer's expense within the aforementioned period. In a written withdrawal, enter the number of your account to which the purchase price for the goods is to be sent.
If you have already received and tooked over the goods, please return them to the following address: miluron, s.r.o., Ružinovská 40, 821 03 Bratislava.

To be able to withdraw from the contract as a buyer, you must:
 - the goods must be in their origina undamaged packaging
- the goods may not be used,
- the goods must be undamaged,
 - the goods must be complete

send the goods together with proof of purchase and written notice of withdrawal.
Doporučujeme Vám, aby ste tovar posielali doporučene a poistený, nakoľko neručíme za jeho prípadnú stratu, či poškodenie na ceste k nám. Pri splnení všetkých vyššie uvedených podmienok pre vrátenie tovaru, Vám budú peniaze za tovar zaslané prevodom na Váš účet a to najneskôr do 15 pracovných dní po odstúpení od zmluvy a fyzickom obdržaní tovaru.

If the buyer proves that he has received the wrong goods or purchased the goods in poor quality, he is entitled to a free exchange of goods or a refund. The buyer shall bear the cost of returning the claimed goods.

Complaints and claims are dealt with:
- by e-mail: miluron@miluron.sk
- by post: milurón, s.r.o., Ružinovská 40, 821 03 Bratislava

In order to avoid wine spoilage and possible claims, please observe the principles of proper storage of bottled wine. Store bottled wines in dry, dark rooms in storage racks. They allow the wine to be stored horizontally, which ensures that the cork to whith it is sealed is still moist and does not dry out. If this were the case, air could enter the pore bottle in the cork seal, which would adversely affect the quality of the wine, especially when the temperature changes. Of course, this does not apply to bottles enclosed by synthetic polyethylene plugs that may remain standing. Storage temperature should not vary and should be stable. Wine is stored at 12 ° C - 15 ° C. Before shipping from our warehouse to you, the wine is visually checked for possible defects.

Every goods sold is subject to a statutory warranty period, unless otherwise stated.

The company is a VAT payer. All prices listed on the site include VAT. The prices on our site are valid at the time of ordering. The purchase price will be deemed to have been paid by cash on delivery. The seller retains the right of ownership of the goods in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 2 (2) and (2).